Donate Resources


Resources to be donated are evaluated by the “Commission for Evaluation of Donated Library Resources” (and, if need be, an expert) in accordance with the criteria below.

The Commission evaluates whether donated resources comply with the education and research fields and the cultural needs of the university.

Resources that are not included in the Library Collections are returned to the relevant people.

Evaluation Criteria for Donating Resources
  • Resources to be donated should contribute to the educational, research and cultural activities of the University,
  • Resources to be donated should not be included in the Library Collections(except for the heavily used ones, textbooks or reference books),
  • Resources to be donated should not be older than 5 years(except for rare editions, literary resources, etc.),
  • Resources to be donated should not be damaged, torn or copied,
  • Series books should not miss any of the books in the series,
  • DVDs should be original and free of damage,
  • Periodicals should complete the missing publications in the present collection, and
  • Current periodicals should be provided on a regular basis by the person/institution making the donation.

Resources to be donated can be delivered to the Libraries by filling out the Resource Donation Acceptance Form.


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