Strategic Plan



The mission of Hacettepe Libraries is to organize and provide information services as part of the education offered at the University in light of the contemporary developments.


The vision of Hacettepe Libraries is to become a universal library which provides the utmost in contemporary information services.

  1. To develop user-oriented services in order to enable the users to benefit from information services on a faster and more efficient basis,
  2. To become an information center equipped with contemporary information technology where advanced researches are conducted,
  3. To have a competent staff which is proud of being a member of Hacettepe University,
  4. To provide the users with various print, electronic and visual information resources, and to enable them to have access to these resources instead of possessing them,
  5. To make efforts in order to increase financial resources, and to enable an economic use of these resources,
  6. To provide ergonomic service areas,
  7. To make use of contemporary communication methods in order to introduce and promote the purpose of establishment and the objectives of the libraries,
  8. To develop information and services that will contribute to the scientific and intellectual knowledge of our University.
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