Audiovisual Room

Users can make use of more than 1400 movies and musical works in audiovisual rooms at Hacettepe Libraries. Uses can also borrow these resources under certain rules.


How can I make use of the room?

  • Users are given necessary equipment to watch movies or listen to music in return for their IDs.
  • Duration of use of audiovisual rooms depends on the duration of 1 DVD. In cases where there is no demand, duration of use can be extended.
  • Users should return all equipment when they are done with the rooms. The person leaving his/her ID is deemed to be responsible for the equipment.
  • When users are done with the rooms, they fill out an information form and return the equipment, and take their IDs back.
  • Personnel in charge should be informed of damaged resources.
  • Users cannot bring any food-beverages (except for water) to audiovisual rooms.
  • Users cannot use their cellphones in audiovisual rooms.


Beytepe Library Audiovisual Room

Seating Capacity: 10 People

Location: First Floor


Health Sciences Library Audiovisual Room

Seating Capacity: 4 People

Location: Third Floor


Conservatory Library Audiovisual Room

Seating Capacity: 3 People

Location: Second Floor

Working Hours:

Audiovisual Rooms are open between 9:00 AM-5:00 PM on weekdays.


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