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Tıp, Sağlık Hizmeti ve Enfeksiyon Hastalıkları

Stakeholder Involvementin Outbreak Management:To Fear or Notto Fear?,
Prof.Magdalena M.Kraaij-Dirkzwager,2019,Pages:22

Aligning Community Hospitals With LocalPublic Health Departments:Collaborative Emergency Management,Prof.AnneM.Hewitt,2019,Pages:23

Detecting Human Diseases Relatedness:A Spreading Activation Approach Over Ontologies,Prof.Said Fathalla,2018,Pages:14

Vaccine Nanocarriers:The Future Ahead,Prof.Shilpa Rayand Prof.Mrutyunjay Suar,2018,Pages:49

Global Environmental Changeand Emerging Infectious Diseases:Macrolevel Drivers and Policy Responses,Prof.Catherine Machalaba,2017,Pages:44

History of Infectious Diseases,Prof.MariaInes Zanoli Sato,2017,Pages:23

Identification of Associations between Clinical Signs and Hosts to Monitor the Web for Detection of Animal Disease Outbreaks,Prof.ElenaArsevska,2017,Pages:22


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