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Medical Physiology At The Bench

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  • Editörler: Prof.Z.Dicle BALKANCI/Assoc.Prof.Bilge PEHLİVANOĞLU
  • Fiyat: 25.00 TL Hacettepe Öğrencileri İçin Fiyat: 20.00TL
  • Yayın Yılı: 2018

Science is a dynamic process of asking questions and then seeking answers. Readers of this book should note that Physiology is a dynamic discipline. Therefore, as new information and concepts emerge and our understanding evolves, the material we teach also changes. As Galileo Galilei said, "We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves".
Although I am not one of the authors of this book, I strongly believe that this book will help students develop a working knowledge of Physiology that is based on conceptual understanding rather than rote memory. This book was developed from the lecture notes of the Physiology Laboratory given by Department of Physiology for fifty-five years. Therefore, it is a product of tens of physiologists' fifty-five years of experience. I express heartfelt appreciation to all authors.